Teeth Whitening Richmond Hill ON

Teeth Whitening Richmond Hill

Teeth Whitening Richmond Hill clinic provides a professional procedure that can lighten the colour of your teeth and remove staining or discoloration caused by aging, medications, or dietary and lifestyle factors such as drinking coffee, tea, wine, or smoking. Because tooth whitening does not last forever, it must be repeated regularly to keep the desired coloration. Whitening teeth can be done at home or in the dentist’s office. Our dentists will frequently take a photo of your existing tooth colour to track your progress and compare the new lighter shade of your teeth as treatment progresses. Teeth can be six to ten shades whiter with in-office Whitening. This process is a quick and convenient approach to getting a smile you’ll love to flash using a specialized, light-activated whitening gel (which typically contains hydrogen peroxide). In-office Whitening usually takes three to five visits to the dentist’s office to achieve the desired shade. The procedure can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Our dentists will build bespoke mouthpieces (trays) to fit your teeth after taking an impression of them to make in-home whitening trays for you. The bleaching gel, which is typically hydrogen peroxide-based, will be provided by the dentist, and it will be applied to the tray. You will then be given instructions on how long to wear the tray. You are using the whitening gel exactly as directed is essential because too much product irritates your gums. Some patients may have greater tooth sensitivity following at-home and in-office teeth whitening procedures. This common adverse reaction typically goes away a few days after the whitening procedures are finished. If you’re expecting, you should stay away from whitening methods.

Cost of teeth whitening in Richmond Hill

Many people in today’s society wish to whiten their teeth. A perfect set of pearly whites seems to scream good hygiene and pedigree. Nobody in today’s cosmopolitan world does strive to be the best version of themselves. However, the cost of teeth whitening is intimidating. The average cost of teeth whitening is \$375, but if you want a quote, please get in touch with our polite and helpful staff.

How is Teeth Whitening Performed?

There are two kinds of teeth whitening procedures. These are known as Vital and Non-Vital Whitening. Non-Vital Whitening is done on a tooth that has already had a root canal treatment and does not have a live nerve, whereas Vital Whitening is done on a tooth that still has its nerves intact.

Vital Whitening

The most popular method of teeth whitening is this one. Hydrogen peroxide, one of the gel’s most potent components, is employed and applied straight to the tooth’s surface. Teeth whitening is an option at home and in a teeth whitening clinic. However, it’s still ideal to have a professional do it for you since there may be unfavourable results if you don’t do it correctly, as we shall detail later. It can take between 30 and 90 minutes to whiten teeth in a professional setting. The average person gets the results they want in just one session, but for some people, it may take up to three. In a conventional tooth whitening process, your dentist will use a material that can cover and protect the gums surrounding your teeth. The whitening substance will next be applied to the teeth following this step. Some whitening products can only be activated by laser light, and most dental clinics consider this standard practice. If your teeth are severely stained, the dentist could advise you to continue the whitening process at home for a few days or weeks, depending on your next appointment.

Non-Vital Whitening

Don’t worry if you’ve had a root canal; you can still get the advantages of teeth whitening. However, asmpared to teeth with nerves, teeth without nerves require a different method because the stain on teeth without nerves typically originates from the inside of the tooth. The critical distinction between this method and the previous one is that the whitening chemical is administered internally, with a temporary filling placed on top instead of on the tooth’s surface. The tooth will remain in this condition for several days after this has been completed. Some patients only need this therapy once, which is a fantastic benefit. To reach the correct shade, some people, however, might require repeated treatments. Before this treatment,  be aware that teeth bleaching won’t give you lengthy results. If you don’t maintain appropriate oral hygiene, the stains will return, and you’ll eventually require further treatments.

Who Is Eligible for Teeth Whitening?

Whiter teeth are available to everyone. There are, however, some risks that you need to be aware of. For example, fore persons experience temporary tooth sensitivity for a brief time, while some experience mild gum sensitivity. The effects of some whitening agents on a fetus are not yet known; therefore, if you are pregnant, avoid undergoing this type of therapy. Once you’ve given birth, you can always finish yours.

Where to get your teeth whitened in Richmond Hill

You could probably do it yourself or somewhere else, but if you want to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your procedure, don’t hesitate to call us. Our Teeth Whitening Richmond Hill Clinic is at 9140 Leslie St #301, Richmond Hill.


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