Researching the numerous teeth-whitening techniques is a wise choice. You can then decide whether to see a dentist or do it yourself. The cost and effectiveness of each teeth-whitening method will influence your choice.

First, the dentist is the only way to get the whitest teeth. Due to their access to modern techniques, dentists can deliver better teeth whitening results. Canadian dentists who offer teeth whitening frequently combine laser, gel, and take-home trays to achieve results.

But there is a cost associated with everything. Here is a comprehensive explanation of what teeth-whitening procedures at a dentist in Canada near you are likely to cost.

Canadian dentist’s fees for teeth whitening

Your choice of treatment will affect how much you pay for teeth whitening at the dentist. The laser teeth whitening process is the most costly option that produces good results. You should budget $1,000 for it.

The cost of in-office teeth whitening is more than that of at-home kits. About $600 is spent on this treatment. For a considerably brighter smile in this instance, your dentist may use a greater dosage of hydrogen peroxide.

In addition, there are further teeth-whitening goods available, ranging in price from $5 to $400, such as gels, gums, and whitening toothpaste.

An everyday substitute is a custom tray made to match every person’s dental requirements. It’s also a common choice among people who desire quicker and better results but are limited by their budgets.

Your dentist will create the tray and provide you with detailed instructions on how to use them at home. These specialist setups often cost $250 to $500. Additionally, annual tray maintenance charges for tooth whitening treatments in Canada might reach $30.

Sort Estimated Price

Bleaching treatments for teeth from a dentist

$500 – $700

DIY whitening products for teeth (one-size-fits-all trays)

$50 to $200

Baser teeth whitening


Factors Affecting the Results of Teeth Whitening

One of the finest ways to lighten your dentition’s colour is to get your teeth whitened at a dental office. However, a number of variables can impact your outcomes.

These elements consist of the following:

Natural Color of Your Teeth

The in-house materials used in teeth whitening operations at a dental clinic may have a very good track record. However, the final tint of your teeth will typically depend on the colour of your natural teeth.

Usually, people with yellow teeth get positive outcomes. For those with teeth that have a grayish or brownish color, however, this might not be the case.

To get the desired results, such patients might need extra teeth-whitening procedures.


Some variables will greatly influence how long teeth whitening results endure. Dental hygiene after therapy, dietary habits, and way of life are some of these factors.

It’s essential to do the following if you want your teeth-whitening procedure to last:

  • Put an end to smoking.
  • It would be best if you consume fewer acidic meals.
  • Reduce your consumption of beverages, including red wine, tea, and black coffee.
  • Schedule routine cleanings with the dentist.

Method of Teeth Whitening

Results for teeth whitening vary based on the whitening method. In general, professional tooth whitening treatments outperform drugstore bleaching kits.

Comparing the latter to the prices for teeth whitening, the former appears more affordable. Paying the price for a teeth-whitening dentist comes with some benefits, though.

  • a shorter course of treatment
  • better and more reliable results.
  • Realistic results
  • Other options for customization
  • Savings over time are higher

A Canadian dentist specializing in teeth whitening can modify laser treatments or bleaching products to meet your requirements. This control ensures more consistent results.

Using whitening trays from a medicine shop has also been associated with numerous cases of gum discomfort. On the other hand, dentists that specialize in tooth whitening are educated to stop such negative effects.

Condition of Your Teeth

Your oral health significantly impacts the success or viability of a teeth-whitening operation. If your teeth are unhealthy, no amount of teeth whitening will make a difference.

It may be difficult to whiten discoloured teeth with cavities or plaque accumulation successfully. Therefore, getting your teeth cleaned and having a dental exam before getting your teeth whitened is usually preferable. With this proactive step, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your teeth-whitening products and treatments.

How Long Will Whiteners Take to Start Working?

Your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth. This test aims to ascertain the patient’s fitness for the treatment. The subsequent phase could take an additional 50 an hour.

Can I anticipate having whiter teeth for a long time?

Up to three years can pass between teeth whitening treatments at the dentist. Your diet and way of living will have an impact on how long the effects of teeth whitening last.

What are the Procedure’s Potential Negative Effects?

The procedure’s unintended consequence is that teeth become more sensitive to cold temperatures. Some individuals have tooth or gum pain, white spots on their gums, or sore throats.

However, once the treatment is complete, these symptoms usually go away. But if they persist, get medical attention.


The teeth whitening price may differ based on variables like your bleaching technique. Other dental bleaching procedures range in price from $500 to $700, while laser treatments can cost up to $1000.

You might choose less expensive alternatives like over-the-counter whitening kits. However, these kits might not be as efficient as visiting a professional for teeth whitening. So, if you want the finest outcomes, you’ll need the latter.

Advanced Teeth Whitening in Toronto GTA (Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Markham) offers professional teeth whitening services from $149 to $179.

How Much Is Teeth Whitening In Canada


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