How To Whiten Teeth Toronto: Here Is What You Need To Know

How To Whiten Teeth Toronto: Here Is What You Need To Know

Can teeth whitening groom your personality and enhance your charm? A radiant smile with white teeth not only makes you look attractive but can also make you appear more sociable. It instills confidence in you and you take bolder decisions in your life. Whitened teeth can have the same positive effect on your career as well. You take more initiatives because of the confidence you get. With a positive friendly smile, your friends and colleagues see you more favorably and you make new friends easily.

All these positive changes can happen with you deciding to brighten up your smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening might sound expensive as compared to over the counter whitening kits. However, you will get far better results in a much shorter time frame then trying to do it on your own at home. As they say “a stitch in time saves nine”, instead to doing it the slow way and then getting professional help won’t be easy on your pocket and might take longer to get the desired result. Now compare it with going to a professional from the start, less hassle and results will be immediate.


How to get white teeth:

There are many methods that you can use to get your teeth whitened. Some as mentioned earlier is the over the counter kits from your local drug store. Others are professional grade and done by dentists and laser and beauty clinics. There are some herbal remedies available also and you can get them from the internet but their effectiveness has not yet been proven.

So whichever treatment you choose, you should know if you are allergic to the contents or not. If you compare the professional treatments, they will turn out to be the safest. Laser or bleaching treatments are rarely allergic. Especially when done under the watch of the professional. But every coin has two sides so let’s compare them:

The Pros:

  • Produces fast and immediate results.
  • It is safe.
  • If your teeth and gums are sensitive, professional will handle it better
  • Although it may be expensive it is a onetime expense. In home remedies, you might have to pay more if some reaction occurs or even if the desired results are not achieved, you need to buy additional kits.
  • Procedure is painless for most people.


The Cons:

  • Professional teeth whitening may expensive as compared to items you can use at home like bleaching trays and strips.
  • Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. You will have to repeat the process from time to time. But the results depend on your age, general health condition, how often you brush your teeth, and your eating, drinking, and habits like smoking.

After comparing pros and cons we can safely say that it is a better choice to go with a professional because you will get better results, immediate results, and the price is affordable.


Best way to whiten teeth:

We offer the best at Advanced Teeth Whitening solutions. With the latest equipment and techniques, our laser technicians can get you the best possible results at a very affordable price.


Teeth bleaching:

Teeth bleaching is a technique where hydrogen peroxide is used to remove stains from teeth and make them whiter. Advanced White provides treatment that is pain-free. You will get 3 sessions within a full one-hour treatment. Maximum allowable hydrogen peroxide is used to maximize the effectiveness of the bleaching process.


Laser teeth whitening:

In combination with hydrogen peroxide, Advanced White uses LED blue light for teeth whitening. This procedure is very safe and painless. It is the most effective way of getting your teeth whitened. If you have coffee stains, tea stains or otherwise yellow teeth, with laser teeth whitening you can get a brighter whiter smile in a one hour treatment. Majority of clients see 4-8 shades whiter.


We offer this service in 4 different packages:

  • In-clinic teeth whitening
  • Mobile teeth whitening
  • Special rates for student teeth whitening
  • Special rates for senior citizen teeth whitening


These packages are designed to make it custom fitted to your needs and budget. Advanced white offers laser teeth whitening Toronto and GTA that includes Downtown, Midtown, Richmond hill, Danforth and Brampton areas. Call us now to book your 1 Hour appointments.

You can also become a member of our smile club to get 4 treatments per year and get special discounts as our member. We offer laser teeth whitening Toronto and GTA at very affordable rates. From time to time we offer big discounts and offers for our customers.



Your smile is the first thing people notice for creating a first good impression. With a beautiful smile, you can win over people easily and build up your own self-confidence. A bright smile can take you a long way and we can help you in achieving and maintaining that.

Advanced White teeth whitening offers state-of-the-art, non-invasive teeth whitening services at very affordable rates. Our services are pain-free and takes only one hour out of your time. Whether you choose laser teeth whitening or teeth bleaching, our combined treatment takes only one hour.

If you live in Toronto and Greater Toronto area, we offer 5 convenient locations for you to visit.  If mobility is an issue, we also offer our mobile services right at your doorstep, for individuals, wedding groups or corporate events.

Our professionals are highly qualified to provide the best teeth whitening experience in Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Toronto Midtown and Danforth Area. Call 647-931-3332 or visit our website at to book your professional teeth whitening appointment today and to take advantage of the current limited time $149 teeth whitening promotion.


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