Say Hello To A Beautiful Smile With 1 Hour Teeth Whitening In Toronto GTA

Say Hello To A Beautiful Smile With 1 Hour Teeth Whitening In Toronto, GTA

A confident and bright smile reflects positively on your personality. It not only makes you more socially acceptable but also makes you feel more self-assured. A beautiful and confident smile helps make you an instant hit in any social circle. And as per a Chinese proverb, “every smile makes you a day younger.” This shows how much positivity a smile spreads and how easily you can solve problems with a smile.

White teeth are an essential part of a beautiful smile. No matter how pretty your smile is, stained unattractive yellow teeth can ruin that significant initial first impression. As a result, you may hesitate to smile or cover your mouth with your hand while laughing or smiling. People have stopped smiling in public because they feel embarrassed about how they look when they smile or laugh.

But clean white teeth are not just crucial for cosmetic purposes. They are also essential for your hygiene and health. For example, professional teeth whitening treatments and gels can help kill bacteria in your mouth and gums. It can also help slow down the process of tooth decay.

Professional Teeth whitening in Toronto, Brampton, and Richmond Hill, Ontario, is the solution to all teeth whitening issues. Previously people used homemade remedies to whiten their teeth naturally. Then, they used herbs to make a mixture for teeth whitening. Apple cider and baking soda are also natural teeth-whitening agents. But now, with the advancement of medical science, there are many safe, faster and affordable solutions for teeth whitening in Greater Toronto Area.

How to whiten teeth?

There are many methods available for the best teeth whitening results. The latest Laser Teeth Whitening facilities are available in Toronto  GTA that are effective and long-lasting. The Advanced White technician will guide you to select the method that suits you the most. A tiny percentage of people may be allergic to some of the gels’ ingredients. If you are one of them, our  Advanced White Laser Teeth Whitening technician can suggest alternate methods.

Best teeth whitening methods in Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill and the Rest of GTA:

Teeth whitening refers to different treatments used to restore the natural white colour of your teeth. Nowadays, there are many techniques available for this purpose. But if you opt for a faster, brighter and whiter smile, you should go for professional teeth whitening offered at Advanced White. They provide a complete one-hour, three-treatment,  and pain-free teeth whitening service.

Teeth bleaching:

Teeth bleaching is a process of whitening teeth to many shades lighter with a bleaching agent. You must have seen people with white teeth. Their teeth seem to look almost artificial. These could be veneers or their natural teeth. It depends if their natural bone colour is naturally white. Fortunately, most people can use bleach to get their teeth that white. Bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide are used in teeth bleaching.

However, there is a catch …. If you have gum disease, open sores,  or susceptible teeth, bleaching might not be suitable for you. So it would be best to get a phone consultation from a professional teeth whitening clinic like Advanced White before getting your teeth bleached. The Advanced White bleaching treatment is an excellent balance between effectiveness and sensitivity issues. It is pain-free, and most clients don’t experience any sensitivity issues.

Teeth whitening gels and trays:

Taking-home trays are another teeth whitening method in Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill or the rest of GTA,  but this method will take longer to get the results. It usually takes a few days to a week to notice the results. You can also get these gels and trays over the counter or at dental clinics. These are to be applied to your teeth for a few hours daily.

Some can be used overnight as well. But if this option to use take-home kits interests you, please get in touch with Advanced White for a consultation first to determine your best approach. Advanced White treatment does not require any take-home trays. It is a one-hour in-clinic treatment that will get your teeth 4-8 shades whiter in just one visit.

Teeth whitening strips:

Teeth whitening strips are readily available in any drugstore. They are inexpensive and relatively easy to use. They take their time to work but don’t work very well due to the lower concentration of bleaching agents. There is a wide range of these available, and they have different effects per the bleaching agent strength.

The issue with the strips is that they may work for mildly stained teeth, but if your teeth are more stained, you should get them professionally whitened.

Laser teeth whitening:

Recently a new technique has been introduced and used for faster and more effective teeth whitening. This technique is called laser teeth whitening Brampton, where LED blue light speeds up the whitening process. When combined with the maximum allowable bleaching agents, combining LED blue light and Hydrogen Peroxide is the best method to get the best teeth whitening results.

Unfortunately, this treatment cannot be done by you at home. Don’t get confused with the battery-operated light in some home kits. It is best to get your teeth done professionally by a teeth whitening clinic such as Advanced White.

How much does it cost to get your teeth whitened?

The amount you pay for teeth whitening depends on the treatment plan. For example, getting strips or gels over the counter will cost less than professional laser teeth whitening or bleaching treatments. Their results will be less effective and slower but less expensive.

Secondly, it also depends on where you are getting your treatment. There are many good options if you live in Toronto, Brampton, and Richmond Hill. For example, the teeth whitening Toronto price offered by Advanced White is very affordable.

So if you live in Toronto or Greater Toronto Area, contact Advanced white today. Their regular teeth whitening price is $329, but they currently have a special promotion for only $149 – for a full 1 hour, three treatments, pain-free laser teeth whitening service in five locations.


A beautiful smile goes a long way. It makes you more attractive and appears more friendly, increasing your social acceptance and overall confidence. Not just that, but it will have a positive impact on your career as well. White and clean teeth are suitable for your oral health as well.

It means you will have fewer tooth decay and gum issues. Are you thinking about whitening your teeth? Why not give a professional teeth whitening clinic like Advanced White to get the job right for you?

Five locations in Toronto, Midtown Toronto,  Brampton and Richmond Hill to serve you. Call 647-931-3332 today to take advantage of the current $149 teeth whitening promotion. Book A Free Teeth Whitening Here

Say Hello To A Beautiful Smile With 1 Hour Teeth Whitening In Toronto

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