Teeth Whitening Scarborough

Teeth Whitening Scarborough

Teeth whitening is a technique that can lighten the shade of your teeth and eliminate stains or discoloration by aging, drugs, food, and lifestyle factors, including drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, or tobacco products. To retain the desired coloration, teeth whitening must be performed frequently because it does not permanently whiten teeth.

Either being performed at home or in the dentist’s office, teeth whitening is an option. To track your progress and compare the new, lighter shade of your teeth as treatment progresses, our dentists will frequently snap a picture of your natural tooth colour.

whitening teeth in-office in Scarborough

Your teeth can become six to ten shades whiter with office-based treatment. This process is a simple and practical way to get a smile you’ll love to show off using a specialized, light-activated whitening gel (often containing hydrogen peroxide). In-office whitening typically takes 30 to 90 minutes to complete and requires several visits to the dentist’s office to obtain the desired shade.

home tooth whitening

Our dentists will build bespoke trays to fit your teeth after taking an impression of your teeth for at-home bleaching. You will receive a bleaching gel from the dentist, which is applied to the tray and typically contains hydrogen peroxide. You will then be given specific wear instructions for the tray. Using the whitening gel exactly as directed is important because too much product irritates your gums.

At-home and in-office teeth-whitening treatments can make some people’s teeth more sensitive. This common adverse reaction normally goes away a few days after the whitening procedures are finished. If you’re expecting, you should stay away from whitening methods.

Having your teeth professionally whitened is a terrific method to achieve the pearly-white smile you’ve always desired. One of the simplest methods to alter your smile is to do this.

Modern dental technology enables quick, inexpensive teeth whitening that will give your smile a vibrant, youthful appearance.

Our staff have years of experience in teeth whitening procedures/treatments, and we can assist you in achieving the white smile you’ve always desired.

What Leads to Tooth Discoloration?

Everyday interactions with food, beverages and other objects gradually erode our teeth’s surface. It’s normal for teeth to turn more yellow with time gradually. They gradually lose enamel, which is one factor. However, a variety of lifestyle factors, such as:

  • Poor dental hygiene.
  • goods for oral hygiene that are of poor quality
  • Tea, cola, coffee, and other staining liquids.
  • Foods high in acidity or those with food colouring
  • some diseases.
  • Medications.
  • Fluorosis.
  • Use of tobacco.

Professional Teeth Whitening Scarborough

Maintaining good dental care is essential for keeping a white smile, but occasionally it’s insufficient. Additionally, over-the-counter remedies won’t be able to stop the discoloration. Some products may also bring on extreme sensitivity.

With professional teeth whitening in Scarborough, you can whiten and brighten your teeth in the best way possible. Our dentists employ state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to help you achieve a noticeably brighter smile. Our teeth whitening services successfully remove stains by some shades, in contrast to some at-home techniques. We frequently conduct many sessions for people who require extensive whitening to ensure safe whitening.

teeth whitening

Today’s market is flooded with products that promise whiter, brighter teeth. According to the American Dental Association(also known as ADA), if you are a candidate for teeth whitening, your dentist may recommend a procedure that can be carried out in a dental office. There are other at-home remedies that you can buy over the counter or receive from your doctor. However, the ADA and dental professionals warn against using such over-the-counter medications incorrectly. They might wear down the teeth when used repeatedly since they are occasionally overly abrasive.

Any procedure that uses one of two methods to make teeth appear whiter is considered teeth whitening. A substance can whiten teeth, altering their natural shade. Bleach has peroxide in it, which aids in removing both surface and deep stains. A non-bleaching whitening treatment, however, has elements that primarily work to eliminate surface stains.

Who might gain from teeth whitening?

Age-related tooth stain Darkening.

Coffee, tea, berries, and other foods, as well as smoking, can develop yellow or orange stains on the teeth.

What various techniques are there for whitening teeth?

The dentist will recommend either an in-office bleaching system while you are in the dental chair or a dentist-supervised, at-home bleaching, which is more affordable and frequently produces the same results.

It utilizes a specially constructed tray that is comfortable to wear while awake or asleep is one option for at-home bleaching. You should be able to converse and work while wearing the tray because it is so thin. Some teeth-whitening systems advise bleaching your teeth for two to four hours each day.

These are appropriate for persons with sensitive teeth and typically take 3 to 6 weeks to complete. Other systems advise bleaching your teeth at night while you sleep, which may only take 10 to 14 days to finish. The optimum solution for your requirements can be suggested by your dentist, who can also give you usage instructions.

More over-the-counter items that provide straightforward whitening options have recently become available. They might not, however, result in the marked improvement that a professional treatment alternative does.

negative outcomes

Some teeth whitening products have received the ADA’s stamp of approval. Consult your dentist for advice on the safest and most efficient products to use.

The most frequent adverse effects of using peroxide solutions to whiten teeth are gum inflammation and increased tooth sensitivity.

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