The Average Cost of In-Office Teeth Whitening In Toronto And The GTA is $350-$650. Find Out How Advanced White Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment Can Save You Hundreds Every Year In Whitening cost.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost? Professional Teeth Whitening Toronto

A white smile can boost your morale and give you the confidence to stand out. Whether you have a big life event like your wedding or an important interview, a white smile is necessary to create a positive impression.  Find out how much professional teeth whitening cost in Toronto GTA.

Many people are searching for how to get white teeth but often hold themselves back with worry about the cost. This is because there are several types of teeth whitening procedures, and the cost of each of them differs. Moreover, some business-minded dentists and teeth whitening service providers charge exorbitantly high prices causing further aversion.

The truth is teeth whitening Toronto price is not very expensive. You can easily get whiter and brighter teeth in your budget if you opt for the right teeth whitening services.

Why do we have yellow teeth?

Stained or yellow teeth can often spoil the look of an otherwise charming smile. The causes of discoloration of teeth include pollution, food stains, and unhealthy oral hygiene. Foods like coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes, and cola have a staining effect. Age also contributes to discoloration due to corrosion of the enamel.

It is important to understand that brushing your teeth twice a day will not help remove the stains. You need to undergo a professional teeth bleaching procedure if you want to enjoy a beautiful white smile again.

How to whiten teeth?

Bleaching methods in the past were harsh and underdeveloped. Sometimes they resulted in tooth sensitivity, and other oral problems since chemicals used for the procedure had side effects. People didn’t want to go in for a procedure and preferred to use over-the-counter kits.

Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, laser teeth whitening has been introduced, which is safe and gentle and does not cause any harm to the patients.

Advanced White uses an LED blue light technology that is safe and does not burn your skin or gums. The light is used to activate the chemical compounds existing in the whitening agent. This is the best way to whiten teeth since it is effective, pain-free and affordable.

Laser Teeth Whitening in Toronto

Today, the procedure of laser teeth whitening is extremely popular across the globe. Estimating the price charged for the procedure is not easy but generally, it ranges between $350 and $650.

Advanced White offers the service with a promo special at only $149, allowing you to save even more if you are opt-in for the membership program. We use maximum allowable hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent so that it does not cause any damage to the client’s teeth and the best teeth whitening results are delivered.

Let us now evaluate the price of laser teeth whitening taking into account two other aspects – the cost of time and maintenance.

Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in Time

There are several professional teeth whitening procedures available in the market today but if you compare them based on time taken, lasers speed up the whitening process. The treatment uses the same hydrogen peroxide paste used in whitening strips and pens. However, with laser, the chemical compound is activated and speeds up the oxidation process.

We give patients 4 sessions during the 1-hour treatment. When evaluated with the time taken by other teeth whitening procedures, this justifies the cost you pay.

Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in Maintenance

Any procedure for teeth whitening in Toronto does not deliver permanent results. But when you evaluate laser teeth whitening procedure with other teeth whitening methods, you will realize that the effects of laser teeth whitening last for a longer period. You do not have to take frequent visits to the dentist nor do you need to buy more gels, pastes, and cleaning kits. You can relax and not hassle about maintenance costs.

Who is this treatment for?

Teeth whitening is for everyone who has stained yellowed teeth due to staining. The degree of discoloration varies from person to person depending on their food eating habits, age, and the time when they decided to go for the treatment. The results can be seen immediately after the treatment depending on how yellow the teeth are.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Teeth whitening treatment is not suggested for children under the age of 13. Also, if you suffer from gum disease or any other disease affecting your oral health, you must discuss with a professional before going in for the procedure.  People with intrinsic stains, which are stains below the enamel, also do not whiten as well.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects of the treatment. Advanced White provides the best teeth whitening in Toronto. We know that we are a trusted name in the industry and strive to live up to our customer’s expectations. We ensure that we understand your health conditions before starting the procedure so that there are no post-treatment complications. For a very small percentage of people with extra sensitive teeth, they may experience some sensitivity post-treatment, but it is very rare.

What is the recovery time?

There is no recovery period for a laser teeth whitening procedure. You can resume your regular routine instantly after the one-hour session at our clinic. We recommend to not eating for one hour post-treatment and avoiding staining foods and drinks for 24 hours.

Why should you pay for Laser Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening has proven to show results all over the world. It is a safe, pain-free, instant result-delivering treatment with low risk and recovery time. We provide laser teeth whitening and teeth bleaching procedures in Downtown, Midtown, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Vaughan, and Markham.

Our professionals are highly qualified to provide the best teeth whitening experience in Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Toronto Midtown, Markham and Vaughan Areas. Call 647-931-3332 or visit our website at to book your professional teeth whitening appointment and take advantage of the current limited-time $149 teeth whitening promotion.

How much does teeth whitening cost? Teeth Whitening Toronto


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